Trent Arsenault Resume (HTML)


Background Specialties:
1.     network protocols and TCP/IP
2.     information security
3.     wireless communication
4.     programming languages & scripting
5.     mapping and GPS
6.     sensor technology
7.     embedded systems
8.     machine vision
9.     robotics
10. healthcare and life science technologies
Positions of Interest: Involving at least 3 of above technologies.
Personality type: Self-starter, team player, quick learner.
Location: San Francisco Bay area or major industry hub.
Availability: 2-4 weeks to notify current employer (HP).
Security Clearance: US citizen w/ past gov't clearance.
Why Job Hunting:Current projects nearing planned completion.
Industry Certifications (Past and Present):
CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional
CWNA - Certified Wireless Network Administrator
CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate
CCSE - Checkpoint Firewall Certified Systems Engineer
MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
SCSA - Sun Microsystems Certified Solaris Administrator
CNE - Novell Certified NetWare Engineer
FCC E - Federal Communications Commission Extra Class Amateur Radio license
Employment History:
·         Hewlett Packard (3+ years) - Santa Clara, CA. Infrastructure Specialist HP Manufacturing (currently employed)
·         Sun Microsystems/Oracle (5+ years) - Santa Clara, CA. Consultant / Contractor.
·         Walt Disney Company (2 years) - Burbank, CA. Systems Analyst.
·         US DOD (2 years) Annapolis, MD
            -----       Core Skills       -----
UNIX/Linux Background:
Operating Systems: Sun Solaris 2.5.1, 2.6,7,8,9,10,11, OpenSolaris, BSD/FreeBSD, Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, HP-UX, SuSe, Solaris X86, AIX, Mac OS X.
CLI: c shell, gcc, PERL, compiling programs, GNU software, recompiling kernels, process management, custom builds, performance tweaking.
Network administration: NFS, NIS, BOOTP, diskless UNIX clients, PC-NFS, Jumpstart/kickstart installs, server clustering, load balancing, cfengine, ufs/ext/zfs, Rancid. NIS+ management and security, Sun Directory Services.
Hardware: Sun Ultra/Netra/Enterprise/E10k/E15k, Sun Modular Data Center, StorEdge, Fiber channel, InfiniBand. BM AS/400, HP AlphaStations, PA-RISC.
Microsoft Integration: Samba, ldap, Reflection X.
X: Gnome, KDE, OpenWindows.
Storage: SATA/IDE/Flash, RAID, mirroring, Veritas, Volume Manager.
Virtual: Xen, VMWware, Solaris zones.
Microsoft Background:
Desktop: Windows 95, 98, NT 4, XP, Vista, 7, Tablet.
Server: NT, 2000, 2003, 2008, Windows Home Server.
Mobile: Windows Mobile 2002/2003/6/Phone Edition/CE, Windows XP Embedded, SmartDisplay, various smart phones, ActiveSync, mobile WLAN & Bluetooth, Exchange syncing, tethering.
Windows networking: Active directory, WINS, DNS, DHCP, RAS, SMB, IIS, RSP & terminal server, system policies, user profiles, Windows Media services, connections sharing.
Backup: Backup Exec, EMC Retrospect, Home Server.
Automation: Unattended install, ghost disk cloning/imaging, system polices, login scripts, user profiles, SMS, registry updates.
Remote Access: VNC, RDP, pcAnywhere
Virtual: VMWare Server/Workstation, VirtualBox, VirtualPC
Server Hardware: Compaq Proliant, IBM xSeries, Sun X86.
Programming languages background:
WWW: ASP, JAVA, CGI, HTML, PHP, PERL, XML/RSS, code security audit, LAMP.
Shell Scripting: PERL, csh, bash, ksh, sh, regular expressions, sed/awk.
Languages: C, C++, TCL/Tk, gcc compiler.
Windows: VisualBasic, WinBatch, InstallShield, MS-Office macro.
Database: MySQL.
WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n):
Access Points: Cisco Aironet, Linksys, D-Link, 3Com, Orinoco, Proxim, WRAP & StarOS AP’s.
Chipsets: Atheros, Symbol Technologies, Intersil, 3Com, Cisco/Linksys, Proxim, Lucent, linux and Microsoft drivers.
Cisco: WLSM, Cisco Works, WLSE, WiSM module on 6500 switches, Wireless Control System (WCS), Cisco 2700 Wireless Location Appliance, Cisco SWAN architecture, Cisco wireless NICs, AiroNet, fast roaming.
WISP/Mesh: Firetide and Motorola mesh network products.
VoWLAN: Linksys CIT200 headset, SJ Phone for Pocket PC, 802.11e.
Site Survey: Spectrum analysis, interference reduction, MIMO integration, cell coverage.
Antennas: Directional (yagi, dish, panels, grids), hi-gain omni, MIMO antennas. Microwave amplifiers and pre-amps, coax loss, EMF shielding. Long-haul antenna calibration, SWR measurements, 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz long haul signal propagation, site survey tools, signal strength meters, DSSS tuning. Bridge/repeater positioning. 
WLAN Security: WEP, WPA, WPA2, LEAP, EAP-TLS,  IPSec over WiFi. Various rouge AP detection devices, AirDefense, AirSnort, Kismet, Cisco IPS, ministumbler.
Miscellaneous: Fast roaming, bridging, GPS/802.11 location software, power over Ethernet to AP, 802.11 tags/tag location. WISP and hotspot providers, Boingo, AT&T.
Zigbee (802.15.4): Sensor mesh networks, site controllers and dashboards, environmental monitoring, event correlation/data mining, low power embedded, FreeScale/ Atmel chipsets.
RFID: Warehouse location/tracking/ inventory, automated pallet storage/retrieval, UPC data, shielding, antennas, readers, proximity cards, HighFID UHFID tags, near field communication (NFC).
Miscellaneous: Laser & microwave long haul links, QoS over wireless, barcode UPC readers.
Embedded / Robotics / Automation
Programming: Willow Garage ROS, MS Robotics Developer Studio MRDS, Adept AIM, V+, Open Automation Project, PERL, C++, PHP, UNIX shell.
Machine Vision:  AdeptSight, SmartVision, Cognex Checker, In-Sight, VisionPro, OpenCV, UWB video transmission, component and assembly inspection, OCR software, various open source image processing, facial /event recognition software and event mining, various camera and video transmitters, light-weight cameras, visual location recognition.
Hardware: Adept Quattro, Scara, Quattro, and Viper, axial robots, SmartServo, SmartMotion, Kiva Systems. Applications: packaging, part retrieval.
Location/Mapping: GPS, laser rangefinders, depth sensors, wireless RTLS, near-field ranging, SLAM.
Wireless signaling: Uplinks and transmission: UWB video, RFID, IR data, WIFI tags. 802.11x, ZigBee.
Sensors: Thermal, IR, proximity, magnetic, camera, RFID, humidity, accelerometers, various low power embedded, FLIR, LIDAR.
CAD:Pspice, AutoCad, Solidworks,
Embedded CPU:Embedded GPS, PCMCIA/ PC/104, wireless, SBC, ARM, National/Geode, Intel Atom, Marvell.
RTOS: Android, tinyos, VXWorks, linux, ROS, various RTOS.
Power: Solar, charge controllers, DC-DC power supplies, LiFePo/Li battery packs.
Control: Adept ePLC, SmartController.
Speech/Audio: Embedded audio storage, Nuance Naturally Speaking.
Storage: Flash, CF, SD/MicroSD, IDE, SATA, dataloggers.
Information Security Background:
Firewalls, Proxies, IDS:
Firewall: Juniper, Netscreen, Cisco PIX/ASA, Checkpoint, Nokia, IPChains, IPFilter, NetFilter, Sun EFS, Gauntlet, WestBridge XML firewall, router access lists.
Proxy & WWW Filtering: Bluecoat, Palo Alto Networks, Sonicwall, Squid, Netscape Enterprise, Microsoft Forefront, SandVine, TIS/NAI FWTK, NEC/SOCKScap, RTSP proxy, objectionable website filtering, jpg imagefiltering, p2p filtering, SSL inspection.
Network IDS/IPS: Verisign, McAfee IPS, SecureWorks, SourceFire, NMAP, Snort/Shadow, AirSnort, p2p identification, DoS prevention.
VPN: Netscreen Policy/Routed- based, OpenSSL, Cisco PIX/ASA/3000/5000 w/active-active, Checkpoint,  SonicWall. 
VPN Client: Cisco IPSec Client, Cisco AnyConnect, Windows PPTP/Windows Mobile,  L2TP clients, iphone/Mac clients, SSH 1.x, SSH 2.x (port forwarding, X11 forwarding, etc).
Packet Analysis: Wireshark/Ethereal, Network General, snoop, tcpdump, libpcap, netcat, kismet, netstumbler, Cisco NAM module.
Auth and SSO: RADIUS, TACACS+, CHAP/PAP, Kerberos, S/Key,NIS/NIS+, LDAP, Active Directory, token, smart cards, JAVA cards, USB keys.
Certificates & PKI : Verisign, Twaite, Godaddy, Entrust public key infrastructure servers and tools. Key and certificate assignment and revocation, digital signing tools, smart cards. Installation and configuration of CAs, PGP, GnuPG. Integrating PKI with Windows and UNIX.
Payment gateway: Credit card gateway, PayPal, Google sales, various banks payment processors.
Encryption / Key Exchange/transit: IPSec, AES, TKIP, 3DES, SHA, Diffie Helman, Blowfish, PGP (e-mail and disk security), SSL/TLS.
Host Security
Host IDS/log analysis: Tripwire, swatch, PERL log analysis, syslog-ng, Tiger/COPS/SATAN, ISS, shell scripting for audits and penetration audits. UNIX Sudo permissions.
UNIX/Linux Security: Hardened kernel/builds UNIX services, security patching, file system permissions, password strength tools, ipchains/ipfilters, Tripwire, tcpwrappers, sudo, chroot. NIS, NIS+, Kerberos security. Trojan horses, syslog-ng & loghosts security, swatch, PERL log analysis. Trusted Solaris, Solaris containers/zones. Tiger/COPS/SATAN, ISS, shell scripting for audits and penetration audits.
Microsoft Security: NTFS and file server permissions, SQL security, Active Directory security, SAM database, registry permissions, file share, RDP and remote access, Windows Terminal Server security, IE browser cache/history/forensics, security updates. Bit Locker, PGP whole disk encryption.
Physical, Policy and Enforcement
Security Policy: Policy, guidelines, HIPPA, Sarbanes Oxley, ITIL, password policies, employee/user security policy, logon banners, disaster/backout plans, operating system security standards.
Physical Security: Various card readers, wire taps and detection, badge readers and biometrics, wiring, CCTV, command consoles, etc.
Forensics: EXIF/IPTC image forensics, hard disk forensics, operating system forensics tools linux/Windows.
Security Advisories: CERT, SANS, Bugtraq, nanog, dShield, fw wizards, etc
Security Memberships: ISSA, ISC2, SANS.
Network Infrastructure:
Routing, Switching, and Load Balancing:
Cisco: 2500, 2600, 3000, 5000, 6500, 7200, 7500, 7600, 12000 GSR, PIX, Local Director. MSFC2, PIX, ASA, Supervisor 2. Netflow, cef, Cisco ACS, ACLs  Cisco WAN hardware (Wic T-1, POS, Frame Relay, OC-3, ISDN, OSM, etc). IOS 11x, 12x, hybrid IOS, CATOS. Cisco TAC case escalation. Cisco security alerts and perform IOS updates. Cisco VPN client, Cisco AnyConnect. NAM module.
Juniper: J-Series, SRX, JunOS, Netscreen 5, 25, 50, 204, 208, 500, 5200, ScreenOS, SSL VPN.
Foundry/Brocade: ServerIron, NetIron, FastIron 400/800/1500, BigIron, GSLB load balancing, GigSX cards, JetCore ASIC.
Routing protocols: RIP v1/v2, OSPF, BGP, IRDP, EIGRP, Peering with tier-1 providers.
TCP/IP: IPv4, IPv6, subnetting, NAT/PAT, CIDR, ECN, multicast, mbone
Unix based routing software: GateD, zebra, routed, Quagga open source routing.
QoS: Rate limiting, RSVP, latency/jitter troubleshooting.
Switching: 802.1q tagging, trunking / port aggregation, VLAN, PVLAN, 802.1x port authentication.
Load Balancing: Foundry, Alteon, Resonate, DSR, metrics, heath checks, VIPs, round robin, reverse proxy, UCARP open source software.
HA (high availability): HSRP, IPMP, NSRP, hot/cold standby.,
Wiring: Fiber, campus rings, Cat 5e/6/7 Ethernet, GBE/10GBE, Coax, patching, cable assembly, cable plant design.
WAN: T-1/T-3/OC-3/OC12/dark fiber, metro Ethernet, frame relay, MPLS, PPP, ISDN, circuit provisioning. Value added networks for EDI.
ISPs: Verizon/MCI/GTE/UUNet, AT&T, Qwest, BT/Infonet, Sprint, Level 3, Cable & Wireless, Orange, SingTel. AS peering.
SSL Acceleration: Foundry ServerIron and various PCI encryption offloading cards for Windows and Unix.
Packet Analysis: Network General, ethereal, snoop, tcpdump, libpcap, kismet, netstumbler.
OOB Management: Cisco console servers, Cyclades/Avocent, Bay.
QoS: Traffic prioritization, resource reservation, rate limiting, RSVP protocol.
Monitoring/Alerting: Cacti, Nagios, SNMP, sflow, rmon, nmon, bandwidth reporting, alerting, graphing, MRTG, rrdtool, NOCOL, SNIPS, Windows Perfmon, Mercury SiteScope/Topaz/HP SaaS, Sun MC.
Enterprise Management/Trouble Ticketing: Remedy, HP Openview.
VoIP & Video Experience:
IP Phones: Cisco 7940, 7960, 7920 (802.11b) 3Com NBX 3101, Linksys CIT200 wireless phone. SIP and H.323, QoS performance tuning on WLAN and Ethernet networks, latency troubleshooting.
Call Processing: Cisco Unified CallManager, CallManager Express, Cisco Unified Operations Manager, Cisco Unified Contact Center (IPCC), Cisco Callback, Cisco IOS Gateway, Cisco VG224 analog gateway, Asterix open source telephony, SIP gateway.
Switches w/POE: Catalyst 6500, Catalyst 3750, POE cabling.
Legacy PBX: Nortel Meridian & Intuity Audix
Servers: Windows Media Server, Real Helix server, QuickTime server (QTSS), Skype, Vonage, AccessLine.,
Codecs and transmission: MPEG4, Quicktime, WMV, Real, Flash, DivX, XViD, QAM, IPTV, ATSC/NTSC transmission, CCTV to IPTV conversion, IEEE 1394 video.
Video, Audio & Graphics Editing: Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Elements, Media Player, Real Networks, Audacity.
Internet Services Background:
DNS: BIND, split DNS, dynamic DNS, nslookup/dig, DNSSEC, domain registrars, QIP, MetaIP, ARIN, IANA.
WWW: IIS, Apache, Sun, OpenSSL, FrontPage extensions, Windows Media Server, LAMP, Netscape Enterprise Server, modsecurity. HTTPS implementations including OpenSSL, modSSL, modapache. MS FrontPage server extensions. 
Webcache: Network Appliance, Cisco, Akamai, Squid, CacheFlow.
Database: MySQL, phpMyAdmin, MySQL tuning.
CMS: Drupal, Gallery, Mambo, WordPress, MovableType, Microsoft Site Server, Microsoft Commerce Server, PHPNuke, mediawiki.
Miscellaneous: UUCP, NNTP, NTP, FTP/HTTP performance tuning, P2P apps, cloud services such as Amazon EC2.
Internet MTA gateways: Sendmail/ rulesets access/mailer tables, m4, MS Exchange, Sun One Messaging, Imapd, postfix, Turbosendmail, ccMail, Lotus Notes/Domino, procmail, hypermail, Blackberry Enterprise Server.
Anti-spam/Anti-virus: Brightmail, Symantec, Trend Micro, McAfee, Vipul’s Razor, SpamAssassin, MailScanner, CloudMark, Pyzor, Sophos, clamav, MessageLabs, Postini, RBL, blacklists/whitelists.
Imap/Pop: UW Imap, Sun One Messaging Server (SOMS), Iplanet Messaging Server, Netscape, Cyrus, Dovecot.
Clients: Outlook, Netscape, Mozilla, Thunderbird, AOL, Opera, RSS, Eudora.
Tools: Procmail, hypermail, m4.
Mail Security: TLS, OpenSSL/SSL, PGP, Certificate Authority servers, digital signatures.
Mobile Computing / PDA:
Devices: Microsoft Windows Mobile/Pocket PC/CE, Symbol Technologies/Motorola, Microsoft SmartPhone, Microsoft SmartDisplay, Palm OS, Palm Treo, RIM Blackberry, Symbian OS, Nokia, Samsung, Apple.
WiMAX 802.16: Sprint and TowerStream WiMAX business services, WiMAX antennas, frequencies and standards.
Bluetooth (802.15.1): SDP, encryption, pairing, profile configuration.
Mobile Email: Syncing with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, ActiveSync, Google, iCalendar.
Misc: Various mobile location aware apps, various mobile IM software including Jabber clients, various PDA tools and bar scanner apps.
Cellular: Various WISP providers, Cellular Internet providers, EVDO, GSM & 3G IP services, LTE.
Desktop Software:
Office Apps: MS Office, MS Visio, MS Project, WordPerfect, Lotus Notes, PowerPoint, StarOffice.
CAD:Pspice, AutoCad, Solidworks,dia.
Email/Scheduling: Mozilla Thunderbird, Firefox, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, cc:Mail, Qualcomm Eudora, Netscape, Pine, Elm, AOL, Opera, RSS Readers.
Miscellaneous Network Software: Reflection X, SecureCRT, pcAnywhere, VNC.
·         FCC Amateur Radio Extra Class licensed (Call sign: WW0U)
·         Volunteer computer and networking skills for area schools.
·         RC electronics and robotics.
·         Competitive triathlon.
·         Volunteer/member US Audubon Society, East Bay Regional Park District.
Travel:  10%.
Education:  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
·         US Naval Academy, Annapolis MD.
·         University of Missouri, St. Louis, MO.
·         Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla, MO.